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Dry End Manager

The Unico Dry-End Manager has been developed to optimize production processes on corrugator lines. All production parameters are transferred electronically or entered centrally at the Dry-End Manager, thus eliminating errors due to making manual entries at the machines.


The Dry-End Manager performs the following functions:
• Collects order data or cut lists from job planning
• Transfers production data, shift data, standstill protocols, and statistical data to job planning
• Transfers order data, production data, and error messages from the line
• Synchronizes data at the control level
• Takes the load off of the operating personal


The Dry-End Manager easily connects to a wide variety of system components from different manufacturers, including rotary shears, slitter/scorers, stackers, auxiliary cross cutters, microwave heaters, large displays, pallet printers, bridge rate controllers, splice synchronizers, wet-end controllers, host computers. It is compatible with BHS, Peters, ara, Kiwiplan, AD-Soft, PCTOPP, Orderline, Witron, Fosber, Navigator, OMP, and others upon demand. The system provides a visualization of connected components.

Summary View

All important production data is displayed on a single screen together with the current status of the system. Coloring of system components allows the operator to recognize problems immediately. Relevant production data is given in the central portion of the screen.

Production Plan Overview

The order memory stores 1,000 orders and allows the production schedule to be changed as required. Move, copy, and delete functions make it easy to respond quickly to customer requirements. The overview screen shows the calculated starting time of each order.

Order Entry

Order entry provides important help functions for the operator, such as:
• Changing the assignment of knives to an order
• Changing knife position (left, middle, or right) for fast response in the event of a knife failure
• Verifying individual orders
• Saving and loading orders as a pattern/recipe
• Verifying knife and slitter allocation using a graphical representation of the system
• Loading stored quality data

Quality Database

Quality data giving material-specific parameters is stored in a database and easily copied to an order. This simplifies order entry while minimizing the possibility of input error.

Order Data

The Dry-End Manager provides centralized order entry and automatic data transfer to the connected system components. This minimizes false entries since the orders no longer have to be entered at several stations. The data is examined for plausibility.

Host Computer

Interface The host computer connection guarantees faultless acceptance of order data, thereby relegating entry errors to a thing of the past. Data about orders produced can also be transferred to the host computer.

Detection of Standstills

Line standstills are detected by the Dry-End Manager and tagged by the operator with the reason for stopping. This data can be evaluated by the dry-end supervisor.

Shift Data Management

Shift statistics can be printed out or transferred to the host computer.


The operator can easily obtain printouts of production data, pallet notes, shift data, and more for easy reporting.

Remote Diagnostics

The Dry-End Manager incorporates remote diagnostic capabilities that enable Unico support personnel to remotely maintain and troubleshoot the system over a telephone or Internet connection.