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HAP™ Hydraulically Actuated Pump

Variable-speed control, simple mechanics, and industry-leading control software in a relatively compact, lightweight, unobtrusive solution with significant cost and performance advantages over traditional systems.

Direct Drive

The HAP ™ system takes advantage of modern control technology and a unique hydraulic circuit topology to provide superior performance compared to other hydraulic rod-pumping systems. The unit can be operated either from an electrical grid using a fixed-displacement pump coupled to an electric motor or using a variable displacement pump coupled to an engine. The motor-driven system utilizes the motor reversing and servo positioning capabilities of a flux vector variable-speed drive to directly control the sucker rod using a simple hydraulic cylinder. Direct control provides numerous benefits by eliminating the cumbersome, high inertia mechanics of conventional lift systems.Compared to other hydraulic systems,the HAP ™ solution is much more elegant and capable, thanks to electronic control.

Simple Design

The HAP ™ pumping unit mounts directly to thewellhead.The polished rod runs into a hollow rod cylinder and is suspended under the bottom of the cylinder by a conventional rod clamp.Therod is allowed to float inside the clamp assembly should the pump or rod stick. An induction motor,coupled to a fixed-displacement pump,cycles the cylinder up and down to reciprocate the rod. On engine-driven systems, rod motion is controlled using a variable displacement pump. By varying the angle of the swashplate within the pump, the fixed rotation of the engine is converted into continuously variable, reversible motion. A pneumatic counterbalance on air balanced units replaces the massive counterweight of conventional systems and provides greater lifting force by storing energy during a portion of each downstroke and releasing it during the subsequent upstroke.

Easy to Install

Compared to conventional pumping systems, the HAP ™ unit is small, lightweight, and easy to transport. No specialized or heavy equipment is required,which saves on installation costs.Itcan be carried in a light-duty flatbed truck and installed with a 1-ton rig.Installation is quick and easy and can be handled by two people. Units can be installed and fully operational within a few hours.


Since it’s easy to transport and commission, the HAP ™ system can easily be moved from well to well for temporary installations or to prove reserves and well productivity.


The low-inertia design of the HAP ™ system allows it to use a much smaller motor and eliminates the massive gearbox of conventional jack pumps. Jack pumps are often oversized to provide the necessary capability. Programmable motion profiles give the HAP ™system the effective stroke of a much larger unit. Therefore, a much smaller HAP ™ unit will provide the same or better production at less cost.


The HAP ™ system is a smart investment that quickly pays for itself in reduced installation, operation, and maintenance costs. The system can be purchased for a fraction of what a comparable pump jack without any controls would cost.Installation is significantly less expensive because the unit is so easy to transport and set up. Since the unit bolts directly to the wellhead,concrete and gravel pads and other expensive site preparations are no longer needed.Increased production increases revenue and reduced down time lowers operational costs, making the the HAP ™ system a truly economical solution.

Environmentally Friendly

The HAP ™ system is the ideal choice for environmentally sensitive installations.It is quiet, unobtrusive, and does not require site grading, mounting pads, or other well site disruptions.Its narrow cross section and small footprint allow it to blend in where other units would be offensive or prohibited by regulation.