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DPF™ Coriolis Meter

A comprehensive system for remotely collecting real-time production and oil-cut data to facilitate oilfield management and meet regulatory reporting requirements.

The Unico DPF™ Dual-Phase Flow system is a net-oil measurement system specifically designed for metering wells at a tank battery. The system consists of one or more DPF™ Coriolis meters, installed on the liquid outlet of the gas separator, and a single stand-alone DPF™ gateway or gateway-enabled Unico drive that collects data from the meters. This gateway acts as a pass-through to Unico’s Web-based GMC® monitoring system for displaying production and diagnostic data from the meters. The DPF™ system makes it possible for the user to view oil and water production data in real time from a computer, tablet, or smart-phone located anywhere in the world. The gateway can also connect to user-supplied SCADA systems and acts as a single point for data entry to the DPF™ Coriolis meters.

Coriolis Technology

The Coriolis effect, the scientific principle behind DPF™ Coriolis meters, is not only responsible for weather patterns and the direction water swirls down the sink, but also for some innovative ways to measure mass flow. In a DPF™ Coriolis meter, fluid passes through a pair of vibrating tubes, causing the tubes to twist. By measuring the resonant frequency of the tubes, the density of the fluid is determined. The fluid flow rate is calculated by measuring the amount of twist. Unico’s expertise in signal processing and data analysis turns these minute measurements into reliable, real-time production and oil/water cut data.

Accurate Monitoring

Unico’s DPF™ system is the best option for accurately measuring oil and water production and oil/water cut at flow rates of up to 9,800 barrels per day. DPF™ Coriolis meters can calculate density to an accuracy of 0.0005 g/cm3 and mass flow rates to 0.1% over most of its flow range.

Regulatory Requirements

The DPF™ system can help your oilfield meet mandated regulations for reporting production on a per-well basis. Detailed reports and archives of every parameter are secure and accessible from anywhere with Unico’s GMC® system integration.

Reduced Costs

The Unico DPF™ system reduces operating expenses by eliminating the need for daily, on-site tank-level checking at a testing battery. The ability to monitor wells remotely with Unico’s embedded GMC® system replaces personnel and transportation costs, particularly for wells in isolated areas. The DPF™ system continues to improve your bottom line long after it has paid for itself.

Reliable Instrumentation

With no internal moving parts to clog or break, DPF™ Coriolis meters are inherently reliable. Combined with cutting-edge, custom algorithms, Unico DPF™ hardware takes your oilfield-production monitoring to a higher level of reliability, accuracy, and sophistication.

GMC® Integration

Each DPF™ gateway and gateway enabled Unico drive integrates GMC® remote monitoring capabilities. The GMC® system is an efficient, cost-effective way for oil and gas producers to stay connected to the most critical aspects of daily operations. Using powerful hosted enterprise architecture, the GMC® system reduces time spent manually collecting and analyzing data. Operators can monitor multiple fields simultaneously from a standard Web browser or Internet-enabled mobile device. Collected data is stored securely in a central database and is available through the same intuitive Web interface or exportable for use in third-party software. By collecting, tracking, and trending well reports and centralizing report management, the GMC® system greatly simplifies field and well analysis.

Well Trend Alerts

Fully-integrated Unico hardware and software detect and report well issues in real-time. Personnel can be notified of faults and conditions automatically, even while away from a computer. Production data and oil/water cut measurements can be used to determine potential problems with well flow. Detecting these issues early will help protect your well against irreversible problems such as coning.

Real-Time Displays

The GMC® system continuously collects data from an unlimited number of wells and fields and makes that data accessible from virtually anywhere at any time over the Web. Real-time displays provide hierarchical navigation through the data, allowing the user to view a summary of all fields, all wells within a specific field, a single well, or to probe even further into specific parameters or other details. At each level, data is presented clearly and prioritized so that crucial issues are brought to the user’s attention without having to scan every well in search of problems. Since data is collected constantly, trends can be viewed over time, revealing behavior that might otherwise go unnoticed by periodic examination.