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Metal Processing

Unico is a leader in the evolution of drive systems for the metal processing industry. Applications for Unico drives in that industry include: Cut-to-Length Lines, Slitting Lines, Tension Levelling Lines, Recoil Lines, Temper Mills, Roll Forming Lines, Tube Mill Lines, Rotary Shear, Flying Shear, Conveyors and Stackers (Magnetic and or vacuum).

Unico offers Distributed Embedded Control with our smartDrives™ platform.  Examples include:

  • Uncoiler with tension control
  • Recoiler with tension control
  • Leveller with loop control
  • Feeder with standard and profile mode
  • Rotary Acentric Shears
  • Rotary Drum Shears
  • Direct-Drive Shears
  • Die Accelerators (FCO)
  • Flying Saws cut-offs
  • Indexers


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