Web AOC Shear Control

Unico’s Smart Web AOC Shear Drive can be used alone or as part of a multidrive corrugator dry-end system. The drive controls the shear during automatic-orderchange (AOC) sequence and during scrap chop-out. The drive uses the same control algorithm as the Unico rotary cutoff knife drives and is therefore superior to typical drive packages.

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The system consists of a Unico 2000 family or 1000 family flux vector AC drive and a properly sized AC motor. A parallel interface module with 32 points of optically isolated, configurable I/O is supplied with the system. Optional communication interface modules support high-speed communications with a programmable logic controller (PLC). The same functionality and performance is available with the 1000 family drive platform with some limitations on hardware-mapped I/O and high-speed serial communications.


The software provided in the drive is Unico’s standard embedded RCO software with additional, pre-engineered UEdit® AOC shear functionality. The shear portion of the program can be modified using standard IEC 1131 ladder diagrams and function blocks to further customize the drive for a particular installation.

Chop-Out After Line Stop

The system provides a means by which the shear will automatically chop out a preset length of material after the line has stopped for a selectable time period.

Chop-Out Wet-End Scrap

The embedded AOC shear software will track scrap material when initiated by a push button or other wet-end signal and chop it out when it reaches the shear.

Scrap Reject Gate Control

The software is capable of controlling the scrap reject gate in real time with feed-forward timing to compensate for electromechanical delays during scrap chop-out mode.

Scrap Jam Prevention

Once a chop-out has been completed, the shear drive will not allow another until enough material has passed into the dry end. This eliminates jam-ups caused by short lengths of material getting stuck between the web shear and the cut-off knife.

Automatic Reference/Homing

Upon power-up, the shear will automatically go to a home position. The system readies itself for the first chop-out without operator intervention.

Communication Protocols

The drive supports a variety of serial communication protocols for connecting to virtually any PLC or HMI. The drive can also operate in a stand-alone mode using the built-in keypad/display with an ANSI protocol connection to a simple serial display unit.

  • CANopen
  • CC-Link
  • ControlNet
  • DeviceNet
  • Ethernet
  • Interbus
  • Modbus Plus
  • Modbus RTU
  • Profibus
  • Remote I/O†
  • RS-232/422/485

†Supported only by the 2000 family platform

Inputs & Outputs

All inputs and outputs are user-enabled and are mapped to hardware I/O points to allow customization of the control. They are also accessible through a highspeed serial communication link.


  • motor on
  • fast stop
  • automatic
  • continuous cut
  • single cut
  • jog forward
  • jog reverse
  • reference/home/auto
  • scrap track
  • scrap bin full
  • motor air flow OK
  • motor thermal OK


  • motor on
  • no fault
  • reject gate close
  • reject gate open
  • shear cutting
  • shear ready