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Performance Converting Controls

Unico is the performance solution to process control problems in the corrugated, pulp and paper, packaging, printing, and other converting industries. Whether you need to breath new life into an existing application or you have a new installation that demands superior controls, Unico drives and systems will help you get the most from your equipment.

We Know Controls

Unico pioneered electronic drive controls back in 1967. Ten years later, we introduced the industry’s first direct-drive rotary cutoff control. Today, thousands of our drive systems are hard at work in converting applications throughout the world. Four decades of experience have taught us what it takes to meet—and exceed— the needs of machine builders and users alike. We’ve learned the best ways to maximize output, minimize downtime, increase efficiency and productivity, cut operating costs, and minimize maintenance expenses. We know how to make a machine perform at its potential.

Unique Synergy

Unico capitalizes upon a unique synergy between product development and systems engineering. Not only do we develop and manufacture the drives we use in our systems, but those systems, in turn, help to shape the products we make. Demanding applications ensure that our product base pushes the performance limits in speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. The resulting drives and systems embody the best of technology and experience.

Building Blocks

Our product portfolio consists of building blocks in power control, drive control, communications, and operator interface. Our engineers work closely with you to identify the unique requirements of your application. They then draw upon our accumulated experience to tailor a solution to your requirements by integrating these building blocks into a custom control system.

Performance Goals

Typical performance goals include achieving repeatable and accurate cuts, minimizing setup time, controlling optimal thickness, maintaining consistent web and roll tensions, electronically synchronizing machine sections, and providing precise and repeatable registration control, to name a few.

Global Support

Unico provides the training, service, and aftermarket support you need to realize the maximum benefit from your system. We offer customized training for your personnel at your plant or ours. We also provide worldwide service and start-up assistance for new systems and upgrades. Every system we sell is equipped with remote diagnostic capabilities that eliminate needless service calls by allowing our personnel to troubleshoot your system over a telephone line. To keep your machine running smoothly, we also offer on-going preventive maintenance programs.


Power Control

• AC or DC PWM regulated drive systems
• Modular flux vector or variable-speed AC controls
• Regenerative power sharing
• Integrated keypad for interrogation and diagnosis
• Digital signal processing (DSP) for superior positioning control
• Self tuning to motor and driven load
• Automated transducer identification and sizing

Drive Control

• Software blocks embedded within the drive axis
• Distributed control utilizing multiple processors
• Wide variety of feedback, input/output, and serial interface options
• IEC 1131 programmable logic

Serial Communication

• Numerous serial protocols available, including BoxNet, Ethernet, Profibus, ControlNet, and CC-Link
• RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, fiber-optic, and wireless connections
• Modular design for simple addition of serial ports
• Standard or custom host interfaces available (e.g., scheduling computer)
• Standard slave interfaces available (e.g., stacker)

Operator Interface

• Simple data entry and interrogation
• Order and production information
• Production history
• Real-time display of diagnostic information