Battery Cyclers & DC Testing

A comprehensive testing solution that performs.

For more than five decades, Unico has been providing innovative DC power solutions for industry. We pioneered the first high-power electronic DC servo drives back in 1967. From the earliest stages of automotive HEV development, Unico has supplied DC power solutions for battery simulation. With the 2460 / 2461, we introduce a system engineered specifically for battery cycling and DC testing.

The Unico 2460 / 2461 battery cycling and DC testing system combines the 2460 family of dual-output DC power supplies and 2461 single-output DC Power Supplies with software specifically tailored for testing HEV battery packs, ultra- and supercapacitor packs, fuel cells, power electronic converters, and other devices.

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Control Precision and Flexibility

The 2460 / 2461 system is highly configurable and provides the flexibility and performance to accommodate even the most demanding testing applications.

Control Modes

The 2460 /2461 can precisely regulate key electrical parameters such as current, power, voltage, and simulated load resistance

Seamless Mode Switching

On-the-fly toggling between control modes facilitates handling changing parameter constraints.

High-Frequency Update Rates

Typical update rates from 1 kHz (1.0 ms) to 10 kHz (0.1 ms) allow digital control loops to accurately track constant, ramping, or otherwise varying commanded target levels.

User Programmable

Users are provided several options for programming test cycles and load profiles that suit their unique application requirements.

UEdit® Tools

The optional UEdit® tool suite provides embedded programming, data logging, and chart recording capabilities. Ladder and function-block editors define such test features as: • Control mode selection (current, power, voltage, or resistance) • Parameter levels • Protection limits • Ramp rates • Delay and dwell times • Cycle repeat counts

PC Controller

A fully featured PC controller option is available with the user programming capabilities of widely recognized software packages such as Simulink and LabView.


Rather than program their own test profiles, users can instead select from and execute existing test programs previously developed by Unico. Data logging and test report generation can also be provided. Available test programs, which are part of the LabView test suite, include: 

  • Constant current discharge cycling 
  • Constant and peak power testing 
  • Variable-power testing 
  • Federal Urban Driving Schedule (FUDS) and similar test regimes 
  • Dynamic stress test (DST) 
  • Partial discharge testing 
  • Hill climb testing 
  • Thermal performance testing 
  • Fast charge testing
  • Life cycle testing

High-Speed Link

A high-speed communications interface is optionally available to accept commands from existing customer controllers that are used to generate test profiles. Wired and fiber-optic options are available. Supported protocols include: 

  • CANbus
  • LonWorks 
  • ControlNet
  • Modbus Plus 
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus TCP 
  • EtherCat
  • Profibus 
  • Ethernet I/P 
  • ProfiNet 
  • Interbus S 
  • USB


The 2460 system incorporates features that protect test articles from overstressing, including:

  • Reverse voltage clamp
  • Programmable current, voltage, and power overstress protection
  • Voltage equalization circuit to limit inrush currents on power-up
  • Output filters protect from potentially harmful ripple voltage and current
  • Optional user-defined alarm thresholds including temperature and cell voltage monitoring

Additional Options

  • Battery simulation
  • Series/parallel operation
  • Line regeneration
  • Common bus energy sharing
  • Arc flash compliant data port


Voltage 200 to 690 V AC, three-phase
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor > 99%
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 5%
Isolation Transformer Yes
Maximum Voltage 350, 700, 900, or 1000 V DC1
Minimum Voltage 1% of maximum, typical
Current and Power Refer to table below
Voltage Ripple < 0.1 V DC, typical
Current Ripple < 0.1 A DC, typical
Voltage Step Response < 10 ms
Current Step Response < 1 ms
Protection Extensive electronic protective and diagnostic features are included
Standard Enclosure NEMA 1 (IP20) or NEMA 12 (IP55)
Standard Cooling Air
Optional Cooling Water/glycol
Available Approvals UL, cUL, CE, IEEE-519

Selected Ratings

Output1 Rating at Each Output2 Combined Output Rating3
V DCmaximum A DCcontinuous kWcontinuous A DCcontinuous kWcontinuous
350 250 75 500 150
350 385 116 770 231
350 405 122 810 243
350 565 170 1,130 339
350 630 189 1,260 378
700 210 126 420 252
700 315 189 630 378
700 490 294 980 588
900 279 212 558 424
900 355 270 710 540
900 434 330 868 660
1,000 234 198 468 395
1,000 340 287 680 575
1,000 364 308 728 615

Continuous Ratings

Continuous ratings assume 120% overload capability for one minute.

Rating Extensions

The table above illustrates a subset of available ratings. Unico’s system construction allows considerable flexibility to achieve either higher or lower ratings than shown. Contact Unico for more options.

  1. Some models can be connected in series to achieve approximately double the standard voltage rating.
  2. Other current and power ratings are available.
  3. Multiple units can be connected in parallel to achieve a proportional increase in continuous currents and powers.