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Transversal Scorer Drive System

Unico’s drive system for positioning a transversal scorer incorporates the following features:

• Positions the servo motors using modern digital control algorithms
• Electronically synchronizes the upper and lower scorer positions
• Measures material movement using a measuring wheel and pulse generator
• Measures scorer position using a reference switch in conjunction with a pulse generator at the motor shaft
• Provides order and system data input by means of an HMI with integrated PC installed in the operators’ desk
• Indicates system status by means of the HMI
• PLC for system control and order data limiting


Standard Functions

Main Screen

• Current speed
• Measured number of scores
• Current gap between scores
• Measured number of piles
• Measured length
• Measured length
• Current order data 
• Remaining lineal order length

Order Administration

• Input of up to two orders
• Data plausibility check

• Order data:

• order number 
• first scoring male or female
• scoring length 
• number of scores per pile
• scoring gap 
• number of piles per order

Operational Data

• Knife speed within cut (–5%/+10%) 
• Measuring wheel trim
• Error message display 
• Distance from photocell to scorer
• Stored error message display 
• Operator help functions
• Delete error messages 
• Parallel inputs/outputs
• Input of operational data 
• Date/time display
• Access internal computer diagnostics
• Date/time input

Modes of Operation

• Emergency stop
• Control voltage on/off (key switch)
• Motors on/off
• Jog forward
• Jog reverse
• Automatic on/off
• Order change

Additional Safety Functions

• Temperature monitoring of individual components
• Function monitoring of individual components
• Material detection between shear and scorer
• Control of maximum production speed based upon cut length

Signal Exchange


• Emergency stop
• Measuring wheel in operation
• Material between shear and scorer


• Scorer in operation
• Male scoring
• Female scoring
• Presignal number of plates per pile reached
• Number of plates per pile reached
• Line speed too high
• Line stop


• Serial data transmission to a host computer system