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VPC™ Versatile Pump Controller

The VPC™ system is a family of packaged rod-pump controllers offering a range of solutions in a single footprint. VPC™ units are available in four versions

• Stand alone • Motor starter • Soft start • Variable speed


The VPC™ Versatile Pump Control system is a family of packaged rod-pump controller solutions for sucker-rod pumping (SRP) applications. From simple stand-alone start/stop control to the ultimate in variable speed well optimization, the VPC™ system lets you choose the appropriate level of sophistication on a well-bywell basis. The system is ideal for large fields of wells of varying maturity and requirements.


Each VPC™ unit can be configured for one of four controller types:

Stand Alone

Provides simple pump-off control for use with a separate motor control package.

Motor Starter

Adds an incoming circuit breaker and a motor-starter contactor for a single-box solution.

Soft Start

Uses a solid-state motor starter to extend equipment life by eliminating torque oscillations and current surges on starting.

Variable Speed

Uses a variable-speed drive (VSD) and patented SRP control software to continuously optimizes production while protecting the pumping system.

Easy Upgrade

The VPC™ system grows with your requirements. Begin with a traditional pump-off controller if you wish, then upgrade to gain the advantages of Unico’s industry-leading SRP control. All four VPC™ versions share a common footprint, making it easy to convert from one controller type to another by simply swapping panels. A common digital-signal-processor-based (DSP) control board and control software minimizes spare part requirements and operator training.

Works with Any SRP

The VPC™ system works with any conventional, air-balanced, beambalanced, phased-crank, Mark II, Reverse Mark, and Rotaflex artificial lifts. It also works with Unico’s innovative LRP™ linear rod pumps and CRP™ crank rod pumps when a compact, unobtrusive mechanical solution is desired. The VPC™ system operates new or existing pumping unit motors up to 50 hp.


Units are designed to withstand the harsh environments of the oil patch.


VPC™ components are protected inside a compact, weatherproof NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure and are designed to operate in harsh temperature extremes.

Electrical Disturbances

VPC™ units tolerate the worst of electrical environments. They ride through line fluctuations, high-voltage transients, and other power disturbances that would normally cause costly downtime.

Electrical Demand

Small pumping units can often be operated using conventional motor starters. Solid-state starters can be used to reduce starting currents on larger motors. Unico VSDs eliminate inrush currents and provide nearunity input power factor with relatively low harmonic distortion.

Sophisticated SRP Control

Unico’s patented SRP control is the most advanced in the industry. The result of ten years of cumulative development, the SRP software offers an extensive set of features for maximizing well production, minimizing downtime, preventing equipment damage, reducing wear, and optimizing energy utilization

Monitoring and Reporting

All four VPC™ options provide extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, including real-time surface and downhole dynamometer plotting, gearbox torque loading, daily gauging, and more. Wireless, radio, and cellular options allow monitoring at any distance. Unico’s Web-based GMC® Enterprise Monitoring and Control system provides an efficient, cost-effective tool for staying on top of daily operations. Users can monitor comprehensive real-time and historical data for multiple fields simultaneously from virtually anywhere in the world. Units also interface to Theta and Case remote monitoring systems.