2500 SiC Ultra High Performance Modular AC Drive

The 2500 is an all-digital PWM (pulse width modulated) AC inverter that provides superior control for Ultra-high performance VFD (variable frequency drive) applications.  This family of inverters utilizes SiC (Silicon Carbide) MOSFET-type transistors to achieve significantly higher switching frequencies and greater efficiencies than conventional Silicon-based IGBT inverters. The result is increased power density, reduced harmonics, and ability to generate AC waveforms with higher fundamental frequencies. Higher switching frequencies are critical to controlling motors with very high speed or very high pole count.

Unico's new SiC drives are ideal for applications such as electric vehicle testing, where higher switching frequencies are required for controlling and testing high speed motors and will support some of the most challenging motor emulation applications.  These Silicon Carbide MOSFET drives are well-suited to other industrial applications where a smaller drive footprint is beneficial.

The 2500 is fully compatible with Unico’s other Series-2000 modular drive products including the 2400 AC drive, 2450 DC Drive, 2455 and 2461 DC/DC Battery Simulation products, and 2490 Charging Units.  This allows the system integrator to mix and match to build complex multi-axis or line-regenerative systems.

Revolutionary technology and modular design make it the optimum solution where superior performance, flexibility, and ease of operation are important.

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