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SRP Well Report

Unico's SRP Well Report provides well operators with one-button access to
surface and downhole pump DynaCards and other data stored in a well powered
by a Unico artificial-lift drive.

One-Button Reporting

Operators can generate a complete four-page well report at the click of a button.
Reports are produced in as little as 25 seconds with a 57.6 kbaud connection.

Data Collection

All report data is read directly from the drive using Microsoft Excel and Unicoís
free Modbus RTU OPC Server. The software can also use most OPC servers
that are readily available for other serial protocols. All sources of serial communication are supported, including wired, modem, radio, and satellite connections.

Field Monitoring

The Unico Modbus OPC Server can be configured for multiple drives, making the
SRP Well Report an inexpensive multiple-well oilfield monitoring system.

On-Line Synchronized Data

The report provides the most comprehensive set of well data available today.
While similar, more expensive applications estimate well operating conditions
off-line (such as gearbox torque), none of the values in the SRP Well Report are
estimated. All of the information provided is measured. Data and charts are fully
synchronized so that each report represents one complete cycle of the pump.

Easy Status Monitoring

The report presents a wide variety of information in an easy-to-read format that
makes monitoring well operating status a breeze. The report includes:

  • Measured surface and downhole DynaCard including unit rated rod load
  • Measured gearbox torque chart including pump direction and unit rated torque plots.
  • Reference input chart
  • Gearbox torque chart including measured gearbox torque, counterbalance assist torque, and as-balanced torque plots
  • Velocity chart including rod velocity, downhole pump velocity, and crank velocity plots
  • Predicted surface and downhole DynaCards with pump-off (incomplete pump fill) simulation
  • Feature list that highlights currently enabled Unico SRP control options
  • All setup parameters related to the pumping unit

Spanish Translation

The SRP Well Report can be viewed in either English or Spanish with the click
of a button.

Data Export

The full set of time-stamped well data can be exported to .txt text files for easy
archiving. An import feature reads these files and reformats them into the well
report format. Data can also be exported as .dyn files that can be imported into
Theta's Rodstar and other applications.

Open Source Code

The software's Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications source code is open for
customization. The code is password-protected to avoid accidental changes. The
Excel file has a read-only attribute to avoid accidental changes. The software is
fully programmable to read from or write to any item in the drive's dictionary.
Sample code is provided for easy cut-and-paste modifications. The Unico
Modbus OPC Server supports all necessary operations (array/vector processing)
to produce these reports via serial/radio transmission. The Excel/VBA application
supports most generic OPC servers, allow


Minimum Requirements

  • Unico Modbus OPC Server (805-524.001 or greater) or other compatible OPC server
  • Microsoft Excel 2000 or greater