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UWSTM Hatch Sense

Avoid regulatory compliance issues by remotely monitoring the state of tank hatches, gates, valves, and other mechanisms.

The Unico® UWSTM Hatch Sense wireless sensor is designed to monitor these devices and more. For example, when tank hatches are left open toxic and deadly gases may be released into the atmosphere. These gases pose a threat to anyone in the vicinity of the tank and are harmful to the environment.

The Hatch Sense sensor contains a magnetic proximity switch that detects if the latch on the hatch is open or closed. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate with a mobile device or a Unico® UWSTM Gateway. The device is rated for hazardous indoor and outdoor environments.

Easy, Low Cost Installation

No tools are required to install the Hatch Sense sensor. The sensor may be attached to the cover of the tank hatch using the Velcro kit supplied and the magnet is epoxied to the latch on the hatch cover. Wireless provides for a low cost, quick installation. Alternately, the unit may be secured using the mounting holes provided in the enclosure.

Rapid Setup

The sensor is quickly detected and paired with a Unico® UWSTM Gateway using either an iPad or an iPhone by running the Unico® Connected mobile application. The gateway allows one or more UWSTM devices to be linked to a customer’s SCADA system and/or a Unico® GMC® System for monitoring and logging.

On Site Verification

Proper operation may be checked by observing the status of an LED on the sensor itself. It can also be monitored using an iPad or iPhone running the Unico® Connected iOS App. The LEDs are only on when the sensor is connected to the iOS device to conserve battery life.

Advanced Monitoring

The UWSTM Gateway incorporates a clock/calendar that allows the unit to time and date stamp open and close events. A watch battery maintains the date and time when the power to the gateway is off.