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Unico has an experienced service staff that provides telephone support, emergency service, and start-up assistance from both the corporate and regional field offices. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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Telephone Support

Our 24-hour emergency support line is the first place you should turn when you have a problem. Support personnel will work closely with you to troubleshoot problems over the phone or via modem.

Field Service

If necessary, a service engineer can be dispatched to your plant to provide on-site assistance with complex problems.

Start-Up Assistance

Unico can provide assistance during the commissioning process to ensure timely, orderly start-up of new equipment.

Contract Engineers

Service engineers can be contracted to work full-time in your plant. This puts expertise at your disposal when you have numerous Unico installations at one location or extensive new equipment.

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Preventive Maintenance

Recommended Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Unico drives and Unico supplied enclosures

Unplanned downtime can be disruptive to schedules.  In order to maintain high performance and uptime of Unico based systems, Unico has general recommendations for preventive maintenance. 


  • Inspect fans for function and general condition.
  • Thermal image of system, ideally under load, to detect loose connections and potential  compromised components that have not yet failed.
  • Measuring various values throughout the system, e.g. power supply voltages, charts of torque command and velocity feedback, encoder signals, high pot of motor cables, etc.
  • Event history / fault log review that might be indicative of:

    - Compromised or failed components, e.g. capacitors, communication dropout in fiber circuits, etc.

    - Potential mechanical issues which might be reflected in VFD response & logging, e.g. twist faults, etc.

  • General condition report.
  • Review of spare parts on hand.
  • Potential of implementing various improvements that might be available since the system was delivered or last overhauled, e.g. CUF circuit protection modules, safe torque off, bypass charge resistor circuit, etc.
  • Review of VFD internal modules to determine if they are at risk of obsolescence due to no longer available components in older systems.

Every 7 years (in addition to the above)

  • Replacement of capacitors to avoid charge discharge cycle related failures and the potential consequential damage to IGBT’s, gate drivers, etc.
  • Replacement of fans to mitigate risk of bearing or winding failure
  • Replacement of fiber optics to mitigate risk of communication dropout from loss of clarity, breaks in the fibers or sheathing.
  • Check cables and harness for sign of fretting, cracked insulation, etc. that might lead to signal loss.   

Please contact Unico Service to schedule your preventive maintenance event. Please have the system number or serial number of one of the drives in a system available when you contact Unico Service at your local office.