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Mechanical Lift Systems
Pump Controllers
Remote Monitoring
Metal Processing
Metal Forming
Performance Controls
Corrugator Controls
Machine Upgrades
Other Applications
Standard Drives
Modular Performance Drives
System Controllers
Remote Monitoring
5000 Family
System Components



Standard Drives

1100 - Variable Frequency AC Drive
1105 - Variable Frequency AC Drive
1201 - Variable Frequency AC Drive
1230 - Line Regenerative AC Drive

Modular Performance Drives

2400 Series - Modular Performance AC Drive
2420 Series - Integrated Performance AC Drive
2450 Series - Modular Performance DC Drive


UEdit® - Unico® Embedded Drive Integration Tools
GMC® - Global Monitoring and Control


General Information

smartDrives - Embedded Drive Applications

Oil & Gas

CRP® Crank Rod Pump
ESP Electric Submersible Pump Drive
     ESP Functions and Features
LRP® Linear Rod Pump
     LRP® Technical Specifications
     Pump Clean™​ Mode
PCP Progressing Cavity Pump
RPC Rod Pump Controller
     RPC Pump Jack w/ Engine as Prime Mover (Functions and Features)
     RPC Pump Jack w/ Motor Starter (Functions and Features)
     RPC Hydraulic Cylinder Lift (Functions and Features)
     RPC Hydraulic Motor Driven PCP (Functions and Features)
     ECM - Engine Control Module (Functions and Features)
SRP™ Sucker Rod Pump
     SRP™ Functions and Features
VPC™ Versatile Pump Controller

Test Stands

Drive Systems for Testing Applications
S2000 Test Stand Drives

Test Stand Applications

Battery Cyclers and DC Testing
Battery Simulation
Engine Dynamometer
Torque Pulse Simulation


Metal Forming

Embedded Profile Control
Performance Metalforming Controls
STF® Servo Transfer Feed
     Electronic Clutch

Metal Processing

FTS™ Feed-to-Stop Control
FCO™ Flying Cutoff Control
FCO Hydraulic Flying Cutoff Control
LLC™​ Loop/Leveler Control
PIC™​ Position/Indexer Control
PSC™​ Press/Shear Control
MRC™ Metal Rotary Cutoff Control
URC™​ Unwind/Rewind Control


Performance Converting Controls

Corrugator Controls

Double Facer/Backer Drive
Pull Roll Drive
Rotary Cutoff Drive
Single Facer Drive
Slitter/Scorer Drive
Web AOC Shear Control

Other Paper Converting Applications

Rotary Printer Drive
Rotary Die Cutter

Building Automation

Pump Control

Synthesis™ Intelligent Pump Controller
Synthesis™ Multipump Control 
Synthesis™ Multipump System Packaging
Synthesis™ Parallel Pump Control
Synthesis™ Parallel Pump System Packaging

HVAC Control

HVAC Focus
HVAC Control Solutions
Fan/Pump Control
Fan/Pump System Packaging

Cranes and Hoists

Crane & Hoist Drive
DC Crane

Water and Waste

Synthesis™ Intelligent Pump Controller
Synthesis™ Multipump Control 
Synthesis™ Multipump System Packaging