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Our product and system training courses arm your maintenance personnel with the knowledge and skills they need to sustain peak productivity.

       Training Services (PDF)

Training Courses
Standard product and customized system training courses foster reliable and efficient troubleshooting techniques. Courses can be given at our facility or yours or online over the Web. UBIT™ interactive training CDs provide a self-paced training alternative.

       Product and System Training Courses (PDF)
       1000 Family Course Syllabus (PDF)
       2000 Family Course Syllabus (PDF)
       System Training Courses Syllabus (PDF)
       UBIT™—Unico Basic Interactive Training (PDF)

Test Stands
Test stands are invaluable as in-house training aids and for testing and troubleshooting products and systems.

       Product and System Test Stands (PDF)


Instruction over the Web

Unico's online training program help customers become more confident and self-sufficient in working with Unico products. Online training augments Unico’s offering of in-person classes and other training aids by providing convenient Web-based access to personalized instruction at minimal cost. Many of the courses are given free of charge.

Training classes are conducted live. Recordings of past sessions will be made available online for those who cannot attend the live events.


For further information about the program, please contact:

Rick Johnson