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Issue 30

New Interface Capabilities Simplify On-Site Monitoring​
GMC® Redesign Improves Performance, Features​LRP® Lift Systems Offer Distinct Advantages
LRP® Lift Systems Offer Distinct Advantages


Issue 29

Hy-Bon Acquisition Helps Producers Recapture Revenue Otherwise Lost into the Air
Flat Power Mode Cuts Costs with Sucker-Rod Systems
Unico DPF™ Dual-Phase Flow Coriolis Meter Automates Production Measurement


Issue 28

Smart PCP controls handle power outages
Advantages of Unico's LRP® system
Pump cleaning mode saves time and money
GMC® update improves performance


Issue 27

Unico's HQ expansion
LRP® slashes installation costs
New office locations
Stay connected with Unico's GMC® system


Issue 26

Attractive alternative: LRP®
New iGMC™ app
Four corners office
Remotely diagnosing valve problems.


Issue 25

Heavy-Duty Version of LRP® Linear Rod Pump System Introduced for Demanding Oil and Gas Wells​​
Unico Launches Online Training Program
Unico Opens New Offices in North and South America

Issue 24

Unico Joins Regal Beloit Corporation
Seismic Stimulation for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Issue 23

Influence of Line Impedance on Meeting IEEE 519 Harmonic Limits
Harmonics Calculator Now Online
Self-Mitigating Variable-Speed Drives Feature AHD™ Active Harmonic Damping Technology

Issue 22

LRP® Linear Rod Pump Excels in Urban Settings
Making an Intelligent Trade-Off Between Pumping Unit Stroke Length
and Stroke Rate
Online Stroke Rate Calculator

Issue 21

Using Surface Motion Profiling to Manage Sucker-Rod Dynamics
Online Pump and Rod Selection Guide
Solar-Powered Controller Increases Performance of Engine-Driven Sucker-Rod Pumps

Issue 20

Solar-Powered CRP® Pumping System
Controlling Casing Fluid Level in Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs)
Online Calculator Compares Lifetime Costs of Using a Genset Versus
Electric Power

Issue 19

Automating Fluid Level Measurement in Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs)
New RPC Rod Pump Controller Provides Economical Sophistication

Issue 18

Stay Connected with the GMC™ Remote Monitoring System
The Effect of Stick-Slip (Rod Wrap) Oscillation on Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) Downhole Speed

Issue 17

The LRP™: A Fresh Approach to Sucker-Rod Pumps
New High-Output Engine Provides Compact Gas-Powered Lift Package
Soft Landing Speed Profile Increases Sucker-Rod Pump Production
SPE Paper Studies Production Increases at PDVSA

Issue 16

Line of Gas-Powered Artificial Lift Systems Expanded to 135 kW
Fuel Energy Analyzer
More Correlations Added to On-Line Calculator

Issue 15

Controlling Harmonics with Variable-Speed Artificial Lift Drives
On-Line Correlations Calculator Updated

Issue 14

Unico to Exhibit at the Southwest Petroleum Short Course, April 20-21
On-Line Correlations Calculator Predicts Fluid Properties
Automated Valve Check Keeps Sucker-Rod Pumps Healthy
Numerous Feature Improvements in Recent Releases of Unico's Sucker-Rod Pump (SRP) Control Software

Issue 13

Unico exhibiting at PBIOS, October 19-21
New natural gas-powered artificial lift system
Remote communication with wellhead automation using cellular phones
Numerous feature improvements in recent releases of Unico's sucker-rod pump (SRP) control software

Issue 12

Cost-effective electrical harmonic reduction
New graphic display shows DynaCards and more
Bluetooth wireless link simplifies data collection

Issue 11

Taking advantage of utility rate structures to reduce artificial-lift energy costs
Unico to exhibit at the Southwest Petroleum Short Course and Four-Corners Oil Show
New inclinometer provides beam angle and acceleration in a compact package
New Pump-Off Control (POC) Calculator estimates lost production

Issue 10

A novel way of conceptualizing the effectiveness of artificial lift systems
Free well reporting software gives DynaCards in seconds
SRP Calculator™ enhanced to provide energy analysis

Issue 9

SRP Calculator™ enhanced for Rotaflex pumps, phased-crank pumps, and deviated wells
Embedded well control taps the potential of Rotaflex pumping units

Issue 8

New sucker-rod pumping system design calculator provides free, convenient analysis on-line

Issue 7

Improving the energy efficiency of ESPs using sine-wave rather than
six-step drives
Capture and display rod-pump dynamometer graphs using a Palm Pilot
Drives display four artificial lift parameters at once

Issue 6

A benchmark for assessing the energy efficiency of artificial lifts
Space-saving option integrates operator devices with variable-speed drives
Boost beam-pump efficiency with power limiting

Issue 5

Increase pumping efficiency by controlling sucker-rod pump fill
Satisfy utility requirements and IEEE 519 harmonic guidelines using
12-pulse 1100 series drives
Protect and extend the life of pumping unit gearboxes with drive
torque limits

Issue 4

The subtle effect of crank rotation direction on counterbalance with Class I pumping units
Cost-effective enclosures introduced for hostile outdoor environments
Sophisticated drives determine pump fillage without a load cell

Issue 3

Using harmonic filters to satisfy utility power quality regulations
Software option allows use of Palm Pilots for archiving well parameters
1110 series drives eliminate the single-phase barrier

Issue 2

A comparison of the energy efficiency of various types of artificial lift systems
DriveLink™ graphical enhancements help users visualize well performance
Software upgrade benefits existing pump-jack drives

Issue 1

Welcome to Oil & Gas Automation Solutions, our e-newsletter
Balancing a pumping unit with motor torque instead of motor current
Cost-effective 1105 series drives introduced for small artificial-lift systems
Multispeed option improves artificial lift performance