RPC Rod Pump Controller

The Unico RPC Rod Pump Controller provides economical pump-off control of sucker-rod pumping systems. Using sophisticated modeling and control software and a powerful digital signal processor (DSP), the RPC controller computes surface and downhole conditions to best regulate the starting and stopping of the pump via a separate motor controller. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities provide real-time surface and downhole dynamometer plots, daily gauging, fault and event logging, a user-configurable data sampler, and more. Wireless, radio, cellular, and satellite options allow monitoring at any distance. With optional GMC® web-based telemetry software, users can monitor multiple fields simultaneously from virtually anywhere in the world. RPC units are rugged and have been designed to withstand the harsh environments of the oil patch.

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  • 115/230 V AC supply input
  • Optional 460 V AC supply input 
  • Weatherproof design
  • Rugged Nema 4R polycarbonate enclosure
  • Extended temperature range
  • Backlit graphic display/keypad
  • Mass memory option


  • Three isolated analog inputs
  • Two isolated analog outputs
  • Twelve logic inputs
  • Six logic outputs
  • Four configurable I/O points


  • Polished rod load cell
  • Beam position inclinometer
  • Tubing pressure sensor option
  • Casing pressure sensor option


  • Wired local/remote serial ports
  • ANSI and Modbus RTU protocols
  • Bluetooth interface option
  • MaxStream wireless radio option
  • Cellular modem option
  • Satellite communication option


  • Supports all SRP pump types
  • Pump-off control
  • Timer controller
  • Automatic restart capability
  • Utility rate saver
  • Adaptive pump fill trigger level 
  • Automatic counterbalance check
  • Oil/belt/gearbox service reminders
  • IEC 1131 programmable logic
  • Pumping system simulator