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Synthesis™ Multipump Systems

Synthesis™ Multipump systems are available as stand-alone components or turn-key packages. Various packaging options are available. Custom integration can be provided to meet any requirements.

Multiple Pumps

Multipump systems can operate up to eight pumps as well as a jockey or priming pump. One pump is a variable-speed master while the remaining auxiliary pumps operate at a fixed speed.

Variable-Speed Drive

The master pump is controlled by a flux vector AC drive from UNICO’s 1100 family. Drives are available from 11/2 to 500 hp and are UL and C-UL listed. Input power can be 230 or 460 V AC single- or three-phase or 575 V AC three-phase.


Auxiliary pumps are controlled using motor starters or soft starters. Starters can be customer-supplied or provided with the packaged system.

Bypass Control

Manual bypass control is available with packaged systems.

Power Conditioning

A variety of options is available for conditioning the incoming line, including AC line reactors, isolation transformers, twelve-pulse transformers, and harmonic filters.

Environmental Options

Systems can be packaged in NEMA 1, 4, 3R, or 12 enclosures for indoor or outdoor use. Customization is available for special environmental requirements.


Comprehensive start-up assistance, service, and training are available.