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Unico recognizes the importance of providing customers with timely replacement parts and repair services to help them remain in production. The Parts Department provides around-the-clock assistance with emergency spare parts within the  United States. The Repair Department offers complete repair services for products manufactured by Unico.


Emergency parts are sometimes available through regional sales and service offices as well. After normal business hours, emergency parts are available using the after-hours support line (262.886.5678). Unico also provides suggested  spare part lists upon request. For advice on which parts to stock, please contact the Parts Department.

Ordering Parts

To order parts, please contact the Parts Department by phone, fax, or email. Be prepared to provide the Unico part number and quantity requested for each item, an approved purchase order number, and bill-to and ship-to instructions. The Unico system number should also be provided to assist in identifying system-specific parts. If a quotation for spare parts is desired, simply fax or email  the requested items and quantities to Unico. Parts with selectable or programmable functions and/or software may require additional information, such as program and revision numbers.

Parts Warranty

New Unico manufactured parts will be covered by a 24-month warranty from the date of shipment. Refurbished Unico parts will be covered by a 12-month warranty from the date of shipment unless specifically sold with special warranty terms. Non-Unico manufactured parts supplied by Unico will be covered only by the original manufacturers’ warranties. All warranties are F.O.B. Franksville, Wisconsin. Consignment Parts for Warranty Exchange In cases of a suspected warranty failure of a part within six months of the originaL sale, Unico will attempt to provide a replacement part for exchange if available. If you are sent a consignment exchange part, you will have 30 days to return the original failed part to Unico. Failure to return the exchanged parts for credit within the specified terms may result in a void of the credit. The consignment order number should be used as the return authorization number and be recorded on the shipment paperwork. Product failure information, such as symptoms or information pertaining to the failure, should also be provided for each part. When Unico receives the exchanged parts, they will be scheduled for repair. When the repair is completed, a credit will be issued to clear the consignment invoice; however, if the part is determined to be damaged in a manner not covered by warranty, you will be contacted and given an explanation of the charges.

Repair Priority Classifications

The following classifications determine the priority of items scheduled for repair.

Rush Repair

If your equipment is down, Unico can schedule an immediate repair on the part when it arrives. A 25% special handling fee will be added to the repair price for rush repair service unless the repair is covered by warranty.

Regular Repair

Regular repairs are scheduled in the master repair schedule and prioritized by date received. A several week  turnaround can be expected, depending upon departmental loading. Larger assemblies, motors, inactive or obsolete parts, and non-Unico manufactured items may take longer in order to secure repair components.

Repair Return Procedure

All products returned to Unico must have prior authorization. Call the Unico Repair Department to obtain a return material authorization (RMA) number. Be prepared to provide a purchase order number, and for  each repair item, the Unico part and serial numbers and an explanation of the priority of the repair. Please apply an identification tag for each part with the RMA number and a description of the failure, including any symptoms or other information that may help us determine the cause of the failure.


Mark the RMA number clearly on the shipping carton and ship to:

Unico, Inc.,
Repair Department
3725 Nicholson Road
Franksville, WI 53126-0505.

Packages will not be accepted without RMA numbers.

Repair Pricing

A flat-rate repair charge is available for most components and modules. Larger assemblies and drives will be quoted at a not-to-exceed estimate price based upon 50% of the new list price; in most cases, the actual repair cost is much lower. If there is no problem found or the item is not repairable, there will be a flat rate charge applied.

Repair Warranty

Warranty repairs are performed only at the factory or, if approved, at authorized service centers. Unico-manufactured items repaired under warranty receive the balance of the original Unico warranty. Non-warranty repairs of active Unico-made products receive a 12-month parts-and-labor warranty from the date of the repair. Non-warranty repairs of inactive Unico-made products receive a 90-day parts-and- labor warranty on the module or assembly and a 12-month warranty on the parts and labor for components replaced during the repair. Repairs of obsolete Unico-made products are limited to a 90-day parts-and-labor warranty on components replaced during the repair and may be limited to a credit of the repair charges only.

Return to Customer

Repaired parts are returned with a report that provides information on the repair and includes our finding on the suspected cause of the failure. Multiple-part repair orders are shipped complete unless we receive instructions to make multiple shipments.

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